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Winter Wonderland Manchester

I just want to thank you, your husband and your team for all you did for us and I look forward to working with you again later this year - NEIL KING, LEISURE BENEFITS MANAGER, JOHN LEWIS CHEADLE & TRAFFORD

Fabulous Christmas treat and no need to worry about the weather!!! x

Can't wait to come back this year for more thrills and laughter!!

The highlight of Christmas 2013, absolutely loved every minute of it. Can't wait to return for Christmas 2014.

We loved every minute of our day there. My daughters face says it all.

We had the most amazing family day out. Can't wait to come back this year x

I wrote a blog post about our fantastic visit to Winter Wonderland last year. Feel free to link up to the post I wrote. Link

I feel compelled to email you regarding our family visit to winterwonderland manchester today. What an absolute fantastic day my boys aged 5.5 and 3.5year olds had. Sorry not on face book just feel I have to email you.
My husband and I thought it was expensive for 4 hours and how wrong we were. In the end we both said what great value for money. All the rides, sooty shows and circus. Fantastic value. Richard with Sooty was so fantastic with the kids taking photos. What a really nice guy. My boys loved it. It was magical.
If you are doing this event next year please, please do not change your winning formula!!!!! Set times, no overcrowding, no queueing or very little. It was good old fashioned entertainment for kids and whoever organised it with the winning formula is obviously a parent. I would be shocked if they were not. There were no kids crying, no tantrums. Everybody including parents looked to have a great time. You should market your winning formula to all the theme parks in the country or instead do this everywhere. Your staff were fantastic. Everybody was so friendly and helpful. We visited Monday 30 December.
I do not normally email companies with these sorts of emails as unfortunately nothing would warrant an email like this. Been to so many places with the boys and suffered tantrums and tiredness due to queuing, lack of funds!!!! Your event was simply pure entertainment targeted at the right age group. You really did tick all the boxes. Please do not change your winning formual if this event goes ahead next year.

Kind Regards

Mrs Charlotte Broadbent
A very happy mum to Shay and Ciaran Broadbent